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Hospitality display solutions




The beautiful game needs to be viewed via a beautiful display. That was the experience that Watford Football Club wanted guests to its hospitality and meeting room areas to enjoy and remember. Until recently though, the Club’s old TVs – with their heavily pixilated displays – resulted in poor quality images that detracted from the overall viewing experience.


To bring the viewing occasion up to date, the Club decided to implement a display solution that delivered a better quality of image, looked fresher and more sophisticated than the equipment it already had, while being cost effective and offering an advanced warranty. With a requirement for 16 displays in total, finding a well-qualified reseller was essential. The Club approached AV2events Ltd to find a solution that met their requirements. Specialising in the installation of commercial displays, projectors and touch interactive systems, AV2events Ltd was a solid starting point for this project. A small organisation with a team of four AV professionals, AV2events Ltd offers a personal service covering installation, configuration, post-sales support and event management expertise.

While this project initially appeared straightforward, it presented a few challenges. The project needed to be completed within two weeks for the Club to be ready for the start of the new season. A rapid response and deployment was therefore essential, and while being cost effective, the solution had to look extremely professional and contemporary, befitting the Club’s image. For peace of mind, the Club also demanded an advanced warranty option. With these requirements in mind, AV2events Ltd called on the support of Exertis, a broad-line distributor that boasts a specialist AV team.


AV2events Ltd chose Exertis because it is industry-known for being flexible, could help specify the most appropriate panels and had enough stock to facilitate the configuration, delivery and installation requirements efficiently. Thanks to its close relationships with key technology manufacturers, Exertis was also able to offer pricing within budget and, due to its logistical expertise and experience, it had the ability to deliver to the site next day. Furthermore, as the installation time was limited, AV2events Ltd needed its distribution partner to act as a one-stop shop for essential AV Attach items, including mounting solutions and all the cabling. With its broad range of accessories designed especially for the AV reseller community, Exertis had no problem responding to this additional requirement.

Of course, Exertis isn’t just about products. When resellers work with Exertis, they’re tapping into the knowledge base of one of the best informed and most experienced AV specialists in the UK. In this case, Exertis explained that a commercial grade TV panel would be better suited to the Club’s needs.

To that end, Exertis specified and installed 16 Samsung commercial grade TVs, 16 Peerless ultra slim flat wall mounts and the associated cabling. The displays also needed a TV tuner, as a commercial LFD would not suffice. Exertis was able to configure and offer AV2events Ltd a hybrid solution that had the look and feel of a consumer TV, but with enhanced connectivity and a two year commercial warranty.


With this project, Exertis demonstrated that it had the right product available, could deliver the whole package within the target budget, had the knowledge to help specify a job that was fit for purpose and could use its logistics expertise to meet the delivery schedule. It also demonstrated that it paid attention to the reseller’s requirements to offer them the best, tailored solution, provided a comprehensive quotation, including full warranty details, and arranged for a vehicle to deliver the solution direct to the end-users site.

Commenting on the company’s experience with Exertis, Lee Wilson, Managing Director at AV2events Ltd, said: “Working with Exertis has been a true value-add in bolstering opportunities to quote on prospective client projects. Its knowledge and understanding of current trends comes second to none in the 21st century AV arena. The speed and accuracy at which Exertis both responded to and processed orders was exceptional, especially given that this is an industry which works to meticulous timescales and is often presented with a ‘curve ball’. Exertis coped effortlessly throughout the whole project.”

Exertis showed it knows the value of team work when partnering with its AV reseller community, and in this application it and AV2events Ltd have scored a winning result for Watford Football Club

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